Embarrassment of Riches

2020 has been good to me, despite the global pandemic, of course. This was the year I decided to declare myself a writer of both prose and poetry. Not that I haven’t written films, essays and thesis essays over the years.

But working as a fiction writer, a non-cinema author was a goal that I had always been beyond me for many (unknown) reasons. So, this year, I started publishing and placing my work.

I’ve racked up literary journals online by the score and completed my second novel while I shopped my first. I’m now writing every single day carving out the most fulfilling time as a creative as I spend my time getting stronger, faster and better. I’ve got beta readers, a mentor or two, 3rd party critical acceptance and have never been happier with my opportunity and options. Thank you everyone whose taken the time to read, to comment or request materials for publication. #writer

Dashing Royal Colors

Hail hornbeak

Mud dweller

Wrapped in brambled kingdom

King of brackish dishwater

Iron backed elephant

Lord of the swamp

What honor and glory you bestow upon me with resolute parade

How you follow me, across pitted

Tarmac, ponderous steps in

Unison with my own

Exiled by choice on fealty quest

Gallant and proud, you rise up to meet the car that bares down upon you

Dashing Royal Colors against the common stone

Kingdom abandoned, smashed asunder

I salute

Your broken Grail


In tangled, well-worn threadbare mess

Heaters piled alongside harpied phone

Tumbled record players fumble to caress

Rusted acetylene tanks, open lying prone

My host a filthy leather recliner

Lying coated on the dusty slip wood floor

Packed next to mismatched broken china

Testament to my own vigor

I am not a flea market pawn

Nor white trash savior immune to scorn

My $3 sandals, books reshorn, worn

Waiting patiently to be borne