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Gamers Isla and Ger are thrown into a worldwide conspiracy in 2058 as they battle the mysterious cyber-hacktivist, Jericho. Bound by circumstance and hunted by the police, they uncover a dark conspiracy set up by Isla’s own father, an officer in the interplanetary military complex, as he attempts to steal human consciousness and control the worldwide robot workforce. Now, they must learn about the all-powerful Hieronymus machines that are responsible for the human bio-thefts as they join forces with their arch-enemy, Jericho, in attempting to bring down the shadowy Axiomm Corporation.

‘At the Funeral’ Publishing Summer 2021

My 50 word flash fiction story, “At The Funeral” was accepted for publication with the Avalon Literary Review. Summer of 2021. I’m thrilled to let them have First Serial Rights as it’s a nice little story. Creating these micro-micro bursts demands real economy – and it’s a great too in teaching me the importance of brevity and clarity.

The Avalon Literary Review
The Avalon Literary Review is dedicated to publishing noteworthy works of poetry, short fiction, and personal essays.


Embarrassment of Riches

2020 has been good to me, despite the global pandemic, of course. This was the year I decided to declare myself a writer of both prose and poetry. Not that I haven’t written films, essays and thesis essays over the years.

But working as a fiction writer, a non-cinema author was a goal that I had always been beyond me for many (unknown) reasons. So, this year, I started publishing and placing my work.

I’ve racked up literary journals online by the score and completed my second novel while I shopped my first. I’m now writing every single day carving out the most fulfilling time as a creative as I spend my time getting stronger, faster and better. I’ve got beta readers, a mentor or two, 3rd party critical acceptance and have never been happier with my opportunity and options. Thank you everyone whose taken the time to read, to comment or request materials for publication. #writer

Latest Novel Update

Thankful that I’ve busted 400 pages in #NaNoWriMo with the end in sight. Just about to have my second unit Neo-Nazi #BunchaFuckingGoofs get taken down by #MedievalReinactors as my main unit shoots the #Kumate death match with #Eurotrash #SnuffFilm assholes.

Interactive Fiction Rabbit Hole

Hypertext and #IF were the first games back in the 80’s when computers were just a gleam in the eyes of many. My first gaming experience was in a parser story trying to figure out which way to go typing in terse little commands – go left, open door, pick up whatever – and I found it frustrating trying to figure out syntax and orient myself in this new space.

Cut to 40 years later and I find a scene that has richly evolved using software like #Twine to develop a whole creative narrative stream outside of RPG quests and inventory stacking.

As a writer, as an artist – hell, as a poet, I’m always expanding and exploring and looking for that next high. I’ve always been an addict looking for that personal hit. Cinema did it forever, live-action and animation and my entire professional output and career have been in service to this form. And now writing, third-person novels, first person poems and other flash stories, short-story journeys and even a memoir mashed up with a drug dealing murder mystery/ crime spree that reinvents my history as a farcical fatal fantasy fiction.

Yet – it’s still wanting my work, that is. Or at least still not the ‘droid I was looking for. Cut to #IF – interactive fiction – a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ platform that doesn’t have to be about actually RPG questing. There are poets, storytellers and writing visionaries creating next level mutable fiction that twists and warps and changes as the reader navigates the interactive links – and it’s glorious. I’m attaching links to a couple recent IF favorites that I played/read/engaged with this weekend and a link to a rabbit hole of content that is a constant source of inspiration and imagination.

IF has come so far in 40 years and I have so much to learn and contribute and play and read and enjoy. And I choose this new path happily. No longer confined to just one meaning or view, I can explore and provide deeper dives into my characters, location, meaning, intent, opinion and even change my own mind halfway through or allow the reader to have the agency to do whatever they want with the story. This can be glorious or frustrating or engaging or stupid or funny or sad or (make a choice) which leads me further on. It’s up to me. Or you?

Turn the page for links to the wonderful Springthing 2020 IF contenders and two separate linked games – ‘Gunbaby’ and ‘Sabbat’ that a) blew my mind b) changed my creative life c) encouraged me to learn even more about this creative wellspring.

Gary, IN

It was the kinda town that made you lock your car doors and take a little more care next to the locals. Every vehicle had an angry dent or masking tape and Bondo barely holding it together as you hip-check together along rutted and forgotten streets. Overhead, traffic lights flashed hard red only instead of the usual three – as if to warn you, here there be tygers. I drove into Gary, my neck aching from tracking the battered tin can cars and the slouched forms glaring out from shuttered storefronts. It wasn’t so much a town as it was a funeral procession in slow motion with a corpse more likely to steal your wallet than lay down easy. It was my kinda place.