Nothing to Lose – Book Hook and Query Pitch

As you may know, I’m currently working on the first part of my new Hollyweird North series of novels, Nothing to Lose, and wrapped the first big edit of the draft today. With that done, I immediately turned to my ‘book hook,’ and opening pitch blurb to set the query process in motion. I had a great time writing this first novel with five more scheduled to be part of the series.

Here’s the hook and the pitch:

Lights, Camera, Action – Making Movies is Murder!

When low-budget producer Julian Grant cranks out his latest kickboxing picture, he finds himself battling Eurotrash drug-dealing, snuff-movie psychopaths, angry local cops, bottom-of the-barrel crew members and a has-been cast designed to drive him insane. It doesn’t help that he’s got a crippling alcohol problem, is running the show on his last credit card and been arrested for two horrific murders. It’s all part of Hollywood North as we follow the ‘mostly-true’ exploits of real-life moviemaker Grant as his 12-day picture proves that he has Nothing to Lose

For over 15 years, Julian Grant churned out shitty movies for everyone. From HBO to Lionsgate, ABC Disney and more, he took the money and made the movies that clogged the video stores and TV late-night slots. Now, he’s telling all in his series of ‘murder memoirs’ loosely based-on his reel-life adventures (changing the names to avoid litigation on the advise of counsel). Fast, furious and FUBAR, Grant tells-all and paints a bloody picture of death, destruction and twisted desire behind-the-scenes in these confidential exposes. The bodies and laughs pile up as he careens from one jackpot to another as he tries to finish his movie and not wind up dead or worse, back in Rehab. 

Feel free to let me know what you think.

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